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We are a group of people involved in various service activities for the past 20 years. During our participation in the service activities, we have witnessed types of difficulties that Senior Citizens face during critical times. To help the elders to lead a comfortable, happy and peaceful life, we have launched the “Senior Citizen Support Service Management System” through which the elders can get whatever service support they look for without leaving their place of living.

We all know that as the age advances, dependence on others become more and more but the loved ones, the so called near and dear, are not available to physically take care of the needs of the elders due to various reasons. Our main aim is to fill this gap as much as possible through our support services system so that the elders get the required timely support, both physical and emotional, at any point of time in life. Our special endeavor is on the FOOD, HEALTH, PERSONAL and DOMESTIC HYGIENE and GENERAL support services for the Senior Citizens.

Under FOOD Service, we arrange for special food and home food as per the requirement. If it is for regular consumption, the order can be placed THREE hours in advance and if it for larger group, the order has to be placed at least ONE day in advance. We also arrange for 1). COOKS /Chefs to prepare food at the senior citizen place, 2). Purchase Grocery (fresh) from the Vegetable shops and 3). Buy Provisions from the provisional stores and deliver at the senior citizen place

Under HEALTH service, we make arrangements for an ATTENDENT to accompany the senior citizen during a visit to the Doctor, clinic or a hospital. We store senior citizen health reports such as clinical tests, diagnostic tests, medical prescriptions, illness treatment report etc., in the cloud safely and securely using Blockchain Technology and IoT so that senior citizen or any person authorized by senior citizen can access the health records at any point of time from anywhere in future. Advantage, senior citizens do not have carry the previous health reports physically during the next visit to a Doctor at any place and the health reports can be accessed from the cloud. This will also help in claiming INSURANCES as everything is properly documented and stored in the cloud.

Under PERSONAL HYGIENE services, we arrange for a nurse (both male and female) to take care the senior citizens personal hygiene on regular basis as required by them. We also arrange for Dietician to regulate food habits and monitor diet requirements. In addition, we arrange for physiotherapist and yoga master to train senior citizen on regular exercises to maintain a good health. We arrange for hairdresser also. All these arrangements are made available at senior citizen living place.

Under DOMESTIC HYGIENE service, we arrange for maid servant to clean the house and to do other house hold works. We also arrange for technicians for servicing AC, Washing Machine , Fridge, Grinder, Mixie, plumbing , carpentry, masons etc.,

Under GENERAL Service, we make arrangements for pilgrim visits, tourist visits, park visits, early morning walks, office visits, bank visits and family events and Group events. For all these activities, a dedicated person shall accompany the senior citizen from the start to the end.

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